Implementing Marketing and Social Media Campaigns

By: Nicholas Robinson —

A career in the nonprofit sector is not easy. Dedicating your time and resources for the sake of others is meant for only a select few. Erin Murphy, Co-Founder and Executive Director of SisteringCU, is one of those few.

SisteringCU is an organization founded in 2015, with a mission to provide a postpartum support network for young families in the Champaign-Urbana area.

“Postpartum depression affects about one in five women,” Erin Murphy said. “Our organization helps families with new babies, especially moms, who are isolated or in some way in need of a social support network.”

SisteringCU’s main program is providing home visits by volunteers for two hours a week for twelve weeks. They provide help with housework and childcare.

A key to its mission becoming a reality could not be done without the help of fundraising, volunteers and community outreach.

“Right now, our main initiative is marketing to the community,” Murphy said. “The best way for us to reach potential donors and volunteers is through social media.”

For many nonprofits operating today, social media has become vital in assisting with the work that they do. According to a study done by GlobalWebIndex, 98% of digital consumers are social media users, with an average of eight social media accounts per consumer.

As is the case with most nonprofits, the first few months are the most difficult. It must establish itself in the community, generate enough money through fundraising efforts and so much more.

“We were hoping to establish a solid plan for our three-year budget and sustainable fundraising for the next three years,” Murphy said. “We needed help with website design and the most effective use of social media.”

That’s where Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations (SCNO) came in.

In the fall of 2017, a team from SCNO took it upon themselves to act on these requests and work towards making SisteringCU a sustainable and active non-profit in the C-U community.

Throughout the semester the team worked tirelessly. They researched effective marketing and fundraising strategies and looked for ways that SisteringCU could become a prominent force on social media.

The team looked at improvements that could be made to SisteringCU’s various social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. They also created a posting schedule that would maximize viewership. This gives Murphy and her team the opportunity to interact with potential volunteers and donors.

The impact that these changes have is difficult to measure, however, Murphy is confident that the marketing and social media campaign will lead to future success.

“We envision a community where the transition to parenthood is supported and new families thrive,” Murphy said. “And with help from groups like SCNO, we can make that vision a reality.”  


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