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Spring 2017 Clients


Individual Advocacy Group

Individual Advocacy Group is a nonprofit that works with individuals with developmental disabilities across Illinois and in Washington, DC. Many of their clients participate in an art therapy program, and most recently IAG had the idea to turn some of the paintings they create into greeting cards. IAG needs assistance developing a plan to understand who will buy these greeting cards and how to market and distribute them to help the public understand their mission.

--Xochitl Menchaca, Project Manager

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Greater Community Aids Project

This semester, my team and I have the privilege of working with the Greater Community Aids Project (GCAP) non-profit. The Greater Community Aids Project organization's mission is to "improve the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS and to help decrease the spread of the disease," by providing a variety of services. Our project goal is to design a unique fundraising strategy to increase total revenue by 50%. My team and I are excited to see where this project takes us.

--Chrissy Piron, Project Manager

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SCNO National

This semester we are working with the SCNO national office to improve our brand in multiple facets. SCNO’s national website is a big focus of our team and we are working with them to revamp it to a more modern focus. As well as the redesign aspects of it we are working with nationals to improve the quality of the content within the website for nonprofits to get a better grasp of what we do. We are working to create an effective feedback strategy to implement nationwide with our clients as well.

--Franco Mariani, Project Manager

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Prairie Center

The Prairie Center is a regional substance abuse treatment, counseling, and prevention center. SCNO is assisting Prairie Center in analyzing reasons for high turnover rates using tools like Employee Surveys. Additionally, on the basis of the findings, SCNO will be providing recommendations for building an effective Employee Recognition Program.

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Wolter's World

Wolters World is a travel and culture website that focuses on helping travelers and tourists get the most out of their travels abroad. Mark sets out to give honest to goodness travel advice, not glossing over the bad parts and making sure you know what you should see and enjoy. He loves traveling with his family and sharing their adventures with you. If you are tired of guidebooks telling you every town is a hidden Prague and want an honest objective view on travel, then you have found the right spot.

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